ULTRASHINE is an environmentally friendly, jobsite friendly polished concrete flooring system that recommended for use wherever a dense, wear resistant, architecturally pleasing low maintenance floor is desired. Ideal applications include floors in:Warehouses, Schools, Retail, Civic Centers, Sports arenas, Stadiums, Hospitals, Airports, Museums

SALAMANDRA SYSTEMS offers a complete range of systems to choose from. Systems that work seamlessly together to resurface and restore aging concrete or to create new colored and textured hardscapes. Systems that include stencils, cementitious coatings, a wide variety of coloring products, imprinting tools, companion accessories, and an extensive line of sealing and maintenance products.

LUXIUM creates a smooth and seamless surface. A generally solid color with very slight variations. Suitable for floors, walls and countertops. Great for commercial and residential applications. Can be applied over all concrete, tile, natural stone, vinyl, laminate and acrylic solid surfaces

CHAMELEON an unique system of fluorescent additives for concrete surfaces, significantly expands design options and increases safety of operation of premises and facilities at night.