Various services for the export / import of goods, or their full range, are an integral part of any foreign economic activity. Here you, as an importer / exporter, can go the hard way, taking on the whole range of goods movement, including searching for it in the manufacturer’s country, freight of transport, forwarding, customs clearance and customs clearance, PRR, delivery to the warehouse, etc. But this path is only good if you have a well-functioning supply chain and a staff of professional employees.

ANTAGA invites you to go the easy way and shift the lion’s share of the work onto the shoulders of our employees. We will provide you with full support for export-import operations, including legal advice and representation of your interests in courts and other government agencies. This will allow you to avoid the administration of a staff. paperwork and bureaucratic red tape at customs, and the risks associated with foreign economic transactions.

Contact our managers, and our employees will contact you to clarify all questions.

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