Customs clearance of goods and cargo

Customs Service Representative

The priority of the customs representative IBG is the customs clearance of goods and means of transport as a customs broker. Customs Broker.

Customs representative IBG provides a full range of services in the complex customs clearance, freight forwarding, insurance and freight from the “door to door”. Customs clearance is carried out in USA.

Customs clearance services

Customs representative IBG through a wide network of reliable partners and expertise of qualified employees offer only quality service and a high level of service. Distinctive features of our customs services: individual approach to the client, efficiency, and competence. Working with us, you can be sure that you are dealing with a reliable company.

We always present you with a competitive and profitable business proposal, guaranteeing optimum combination of quality and price. We are ready for an active and long-term cooperation with your company.

Customs representative IBG provides the following services in the field of customs clearance:

  • classification of goods on customs codes;
  • payment of customs duties, fees and taxes;
  • Formalize customs declarations using methods of electronic declaration (ED-2), remote filing and preliminary declaration;
  • A complete set of the required documentation;
  • legal aid and settlement of disputes arising in the course of customs clearance;
  • resolution of any disputes related to violations and infringement of the client;
  • other services in the field of customs

Custom Clearance of Imports

If you need customs clearance, import clearance, or have questions, you can call or complete the application form and our expert consultants will answer all your questions with regard to your package and the cost of customs clearance of your goods, cargo or vehicles.