Cargo delivery at a convenient time for the customer on the most suitable route in the shortest time at an affordable price.

Customs representative Antaga offers a full range of services related to the transport of goods imported by the “door-to-door destination”, this service includes:

  • arranging delivery of empty containers shipper for loading;
  • delivery of containers from the warehouse of the shipper to the port of shipment;
  • load cargo / container on a ship;
  • control over the delivery of the goods you want to purchase stock.


Transportation and customs clearance by the “door-to-door recipient” is the delivery of goods to a time when the freight forwarder is responsible for the goods from the loading of the sender and the recipient before sending the goods. This service will allow you to reduce overall transportation costs, reduce risk, and improve the quality of transportation.


We pay special attention to the development of an optimal route, which allows us to maintain low prices and making special offers for regular customers. Our experts are ready to take on the entire process of registration documentation.

Convenience is that you do not need to go into details of logistics, in the accompanying paperwork, to the difficulties and problems encountered on the way.